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About the Film 1
BLACK ICE is more than a film about hockey, it is a film about racism in society. For director Hubert Davis and producer Vinay Virmani, this film is about holding up a mirror to a Canadian culture that has grown complacent in acknowledging our own institutionalized racism. Moreover, it is a film about empowering young Black men and women who choose to play a sport that they rarely saw themselves reflected. A game that they’ve loved since they were kids. A game that their ancestors changed forever.

About the Film 2
This is a film that embraces “hockey is for everyone” while still addressing the systemic racial constructs that has resulted in the isolation of generations of Black hockey players. But most of all, BLACK ICE is meant to expose the truth about racism in the sport at every level, and offer a constructive vision for the future of Black contribution on the ice. There is nothing stopping these young men and women from reshaping the culture of hockey and inciting a movement to confront racialized barriers together.

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